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7 in 1 Korea SOS BB Cream 50ml
RM 25

♥ A popular BB Cream in Korea, Taiwan and Thailand

♥ Excellent oil control
♥ Brighten and make skin glowing naturally
♥ Repair skin imperfections
♥ Smoothen wrinkles and even skin tones
♥ Suitable for all skin types


Korea SOS Amethyst Pore Control Pack
RM 25

Feature of Product : -
Silicon powder is very good for absorbing oil
♥ Salicylic acid ingredient comes to a standstill of skin cell.
♥ root of mulberry tree , herb ingredient supplies the nutrition to pores. ♥ Amethyst powder release infrared Ray 91%, the infrared ray makes skins temperature rising, promoting the circulation of the blood, speed up metabolism and so on.


Korea SOS Black Sugar Mask Pack 120g
RM 25

Features of product ~

♥ Contains natural black sugar of 35%
♥ Facial scrub of non-pigment, non-alcohol, non- white sugar
♥ Black sugar eliminates blackhead and old surface skin cells
♥ Good honey extract and shea butter make your skin remarkably moisturized and soft

* Tips *
Leave it on your face around 10-20 minutes after scrub, it can be a mask as well


mintz said...

Nw u got sell tis bb cream?

mintz said...

Nw u got sell tis bb cream?

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